S.R. Noleggi

Utilizza il nostro booking on-line per noleggiare il tuo veicolo.

Our history


S.R. Noleggi was established as a supervised car park in 2007. The privileged location, opposite Alghero-Fertilia airport, has been a real bonus from the outset thanks to its unrivalled convenience . Having your own vehicle just a stone’s throw away is an exceptional advantage – in fact, from the car park all you need to do is cross the road and your at the arrival and departure gates.

We started out as a small, family-run company, and gradually we have expanded to meet the needs of our clients and the tourist market. Working as a family has allowed us to tap our potential. In 2015, as well as offering travellers 400 supervised parking spaces, we decided to expand our horizons to satisfy the requirements of tourists visiting the area.


It would be great to land at Alghero airport, leave your luggage in secure storage, grab a snack at a kiosk and then hire a fantastic motorbike to savour the breathtaking panoramas with the wind in your hair, worry-free and hassle-free, all in a single place…This was what gave rise to the idea for the rental of vehicles and optional services.

Over these years, we have earned the trust of myriad customers and we have expanded our fleet with more than 40 vehicles to choose from: scooters, motorbikes, SUVs and city cars. We have specialised with a view to offering a rapid service that is affordable to all, with long delays a thing of the past.
You just need to be aged 18 or over and have your own credit/debit card to rent the transport you need.


Together with our rental service, we offer a rich portfolio of other services, designed for you:
including online rental booking, which is indispensable for getting the vehicle you want for the period you want; ‘carefreedaily insurance to give you peace of mind; luggage storage to allow you to travel light; supervised parking to let you get on your way worry-free; a car-washing service so that when you get your car back it’s shiny, clean and sanitised; and the kiosk bar, which offers so much more than simple snacks! The refuelling service is incredibly useful in the event of unexpected situations and when you can’t bring the vehicle back with a full tank. Moreover, we can deliver the vehicle where you want it* if you can’t pick it up from us – in certain cases, we can agree on the place and time of delivery that suits you best.

We are always on hand to help out, you will find us open all hours (to match the flight times) opposite the airport. We also have a second branch, in the centre of Alghero, on Via Catalogna, which is open from 9am to 12.30pm and from 4.30pm to 7.30pm, where you can rent a vehicle in person. On our website, you can book comfortably from home at any time. S.R. Noleggi is here to make your every trip that bit easier.